Game Board

Your game board is the centerpiece of the tabletop gaming experience. Though laying out a flat board may seem simple, it can be troublesome if the margins and bleeds are not set properly.

As with the game box, the board requires 20mm of total bleed to wrap around the edges. This covers and protects the edge of the game board which in turn extends its life.

Double Sided Printing game board

Printing a custom back for your game board adds minimal cost and brings an enormous opportunity. lf you are designing a double-sided game board, the reverse side needs to be 3 mm smaller than the front, on all four sides. This is because the back sheet is mounted on top of the edges wrapped from the front side of the game board. Remember to add a standard 3mm bleed to the backside file.

Examples of the Size of the Front side and Backside

Custom Process

GeneraI Information

Design Files Verification Process

To ensure all design files received are fit for production, all files should be provided in a standardized way and pass through the design verification process.



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  • All files in CMYK color format

  • Black text should be pure black C:0%M:0%Y0% K:100%

  • Font embedded into PDF file

  • Standardized file naming

  • All files submitted as PDFs

  • All files have 3mm bleed and at least 3mm margin

  • Images at are solution of 300 ppi or above

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