What is a board game?


In a broad sense, board games refer to all games that can be played on a table or a platform. The full name of board games is derived from the English word Board Game. Common board games include chess and card games, card games, and some puzzle games. , such as Monopoly, Werewolf Kill, Script Kill, German Heart Disease, etc.

How to play board games

All players need to play games around a table or other physical platforms. Generally, the number of players in board games ranges from 2 to 10. Different table games have different methods. Chess and cards are mainly played by players. Cardboard games are mainly assisted by cards or other materials. The game is played according to the rules of the game. The whole process may involve reasoning, performance, lying, etc. Puzzle games are also based on the rules of the game and rely on the wisdom of the players. The loser of the board game will generally have a corresponding penalty, but the specific penalty needs to be set according to the level that the player can accept.


Board games first originated in Germany, and then became popular in Europe and the United States for decades. With the development of board games, there are more and more types of board games, and the props designed are more and more exquisite. In the early 21st century, board games Entering China has won the love of many young people today. Until now, board games are still the main form of entertainment for many young people.

The whole process of board games emphasizes communication between people, so board games are also social games that promote social interaction. They are especially suitable for playing at parties. Each type of board game will come with corresponding instructions. Read on, board games are not just socializing, they're also a form of entertainment that lets you unwind.